Let’s Catch up.

IMG_18I’m probably going to do two posts today. One shall be kid related and the other food.

This one is kid related.

Can you believe we have a 3 year old and a 19-month old? It’s pretty insane. I can’t tell you how many times we get asked if they’re twins. I mean, I know twins don’t have to look exactly alike, but my girls don’t even look related most of the time lol.

Moving on…

Kylee started 3school this year. She absolutely loves it.  We even decided that we would use the bus system. Something we said no to in the beginning because we didn’t feel comfortable. The time her class runs, however, is very inconvenient for Charlee’s nap time and was basically making our lives miserable. The bus has been a savior for us and the bus driver is attentive and treats Kylee as her own. For some reason, I feel the need to justify us using the bus… Not sure why. But, regardless, I’m glad we took the risk. Now every time Kylee sees a big yellow bus she gets excited and runs toward it. Both dangerous and cute all at once, lol.

Kylee’s eating habits are about the same. They got particularly bad with school and we had to do a little trouble shooting, but we are back on track now. Unfortunately, she’s still only eating purees, and some chunkier purees. We don’t have to puree applesauce any more, which is awesome, and she will willingly stick her fingers straight into my food and taste it herself without being prompted. Something Eric hates, but I love! :o)

She weighs one pound less than Charlee which was to be expected. they are also just about the same height.

We are continuously working on speech with both of the girls. Neither are very good at talking at the moment but they’ve made strides. Kylee says ball, apple, papa, bubbles, Otootles, oool (school), up, issy (sissy) and some other words.. still no mama/mom/ma though. I think she knows how badly I would like to hear “Love you ma/mom/mama” even mother would do. So, I’ll just keep pushing that until it happens. Because it will! Charlee is also a tad behind in the speech department and we’ve been referred to ken o’ sha for her as well. Since her last doctor’s appointment though she has begun to talk a lot more. She knows no, ya, daddy, mom, and something that sounds like “do it” not sure if that’s what she means though lol. She also says something that sounds like ‘shit.’ But, we’re hoping that’s just her figuring stuff out. >.<

Kylee and Charlee are both walking around everywhere. Charlee is running. Literally, full sprint, pretty much everywhere. When I take her in public it’s basically a slow jog every where I go. And Kylee has been attempting to hop which is damn cute to watch. Kylee’s being taught to walk up and down small steps and school and you can just see her confidence growing.

Last time I posted about the girls I said Kylee was getting tubes. Which she did. Unfortunately, they did not help her hearing, but they didn’t hinder her hearing either. She has had one ear infection since getting them put in and I was seriously surprised when Eric called and told me the doc’s diagnosis. She wasn’t acting like she had an ear infection, she just had a really bad cough.

Our lives are a bit messy (literally) but the girls are growing and their personalities couldn’t be more different. Charlee will freak out if you take a toy from her (or something she’s not suppose to have), while Kylee will just move on to the next one. Charlee has frequent meltdowns and Kylee stays level headed…. I’m basically describing my personality versus Eric’s. Ha!

Let’s see some pics, eh?



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